General Lab Information

photo of transmission lines

The Interdisciplinary Science Department performs research to help the Nation meet its exponentially growing energy needs over the next century and beyond.

Energy Systems Division

The Energy Systems Division performs research for electric grid modernization, renewable energy system deployment, energy system efficiency and emissions, geothermal energy system materials, and advanced manufacturing methods.

Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion research offers advanced technical solutions to achieve reduced fossil fuel use in residential and commercial building energy applications. Our focus is on biofuel end use, combustion efficiency and emissions, and system concepts.

Geothermal Materials

Our research is focused on developing new materials for geothermal well applications that will improve the performance of geothermal systems.

Renewables and Grid Modernization

Our Renewables and Grid Modernization work supports the development of solutions to key issues facing the deployment, grid integration, and operation of renewable energy technologies in the United States.

Energy Storage Division

Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts leading-edge research into the most promising energy storage technologies for applications ranging from consumer electronics to vehicle technologies to grid-level energy storage.

In Situ and Operando Analysis

We have expertise in mechanistic characterization of the electrochemical energy storage processes from the material level to the systems level, to eludicidate productive and parasitic processes within functioning batteries.

Vehicle Technologies

Our research includes study and preparation of novel materials and electrodes for high energy, high power, and safe batteries including those capable of fast charge and function in extreme environments.

Grid-level Storage

We are focused on developing electrochemical energy storage systems based on sustainable materials for safe, long life batteries.

Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties

BNL plays a central role in the Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties, an Energy Frontier Research Center working to understand and provide control of transport properties in complex battery systems with respect to multiple length scales, from the molecular to the mesoscale.

The Interdisciplinary Science Department is part of Brookhaven National Laboratory's Energy & Photon Sciences directorate.