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David Guzman

Software Developer

David Guzman is a postdoctoral fellow in the Condensed Matter Theory Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory and a member of Comscope since June 2018. David has a PhD in materials science and engineering from Purdue University where he worked on the study of electronic transport properties of amorphous materials suitable for memory applications. Besides David's strong background on simulation and prediction of the electronic structure of materials based on DFT and beyond-DFT methods, he has experience in classical and ab initio molecular dynamics for the prediction of thermodynamic and mechanical properties of materials.

At Comscope David's research focuses on the development and implementation of structural relaxation capabilities of strongly correlated materials based on the DFT+Gutzwiller framework to enhance the predictive power of Comsuite. He is also interested in applying methods such as RISB, DMFT, QSGW+DMFT to study the thermodynamic and electronic properties of correlated materials for energy harvesting and emerging memory applications. At Comscope we encourage strong collaborations between experimental, theoretical and code development teams, and this is one of the most important aspects that David values from the center along with the intellectual work environment created by its members.

Selected Publications

  • Atomic origin of ultrafast resistance switching in nanoscale electrometallization cells
    Nicolas Onofrio, David Guzman & Alejandro Strachan
    Nature Materials volume 14, pages 440–446 (2015)
  • Role of strain on electronic and mechanical response of semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenide monolayers: An ab-initio study
    David M. Guzman and Alejandro Strachan
    Journal of Applied Physics 115, 243701 (2014)
  • Stability and migration of small copper clusters in amorphous dielectrics
    David M. Guzman, Nicolas Onofrio, and Alejandro Strachan
    Journal of Applied Physics 117, 195702 (2015)
  • Atomistic simulations of electrochemical metallization cells: mechanisms of ultra-fast resistance switching in nanoscale devices
    Nicolas Onofrio, David Guzman and Alejandro Strachan
    Nanoscale, 2016, 8, 14037-14047 (2016)
  • Structural and electronic properties of copper-doped chalcogenide glasses
    David M. Guzman and Alejandro Strachan
    Phys. Rev. Materials 1, 055801 (2017)