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As coherent diffractive imaging experiments become commonplace at state-of-the-art lightsources, sample environments, supporting x-ray measurements, and visualization of the sample become important enabling capabilities. This workshop aims to share the current state-of-the-art on CDI beamlines and engage the user community in the development of next-generation supporting equipment on new and upgraded CDI beamlines.

Invited Speakers

  • Ian Robinson (BNL)
  • Felix Hofmann (Oxford)
  • Hyunjung Kim (Sogang)
  • Wonsuk Cha (ANL)
  • Marie-Ingrid Richard (ESRF)
  • Yuan Gao (BNL)
  • Xiaojing Huang (BNL)
  • Pablo Fernandez (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
  • Andrej Singer (Cornell)
  • Ashley Bucsek (University of Michigan)
  • Dina Sheyfer (ANL)
  • Florian Meneau (LNLS)

Workshop Organizers

  • Garth Williams (BNL)
  • Yuan Gao (BNL)
  • Ross Harder (ANL)

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Important Dates

February 7, 2022 Registration opens
April 20, 2022 Registration closes

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