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Robert Konik

CEO (Managing Director), theorist, multiscale modeling

Robert Konik is the Managing Directors of Comscope and has been involved in the center since its inception. He also serves as Chair of the Condensed Matter and Materials Science Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory and is a member of the Condensed Matter Theory Group in the division. His research is primarily on low dimensional strongly correlated electron systems. He works on understanding their behavior when placed out-of-equilibrium as well as developing numerical methods that exploit their integrable and field theoretic structures. He is involved in Comscope in its efforts to develop a methodology for writing down low energy effective Landau-Ginzburg theories of materials using dynamical mean field theory (DMFT) as an input. He is the author of over 70 papers, book chapters, and review articles.

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Selected Publications

Non-perturbative methodologies for low-dimensional strongly-correlated systems: From non-abelian bosonization to truncated spectrum methods.
Andrew J. A. James, Robert M. Konik, Philippe Lecheminant, Neil J. Robinson, and Alexei M. Tsvelik,
Reports on Progress in Physics 81, 046002 (2018)

High-temperature charge density wave correlations in La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 without spin–charge locking.
H. Miao, J. Lorenzana, G. Seibold, Y. Y. Peng, A. Amorese, F. Yakhou-Harris, K. Kummer, N. B. Brookes, R. M. Konik, V. Thampy, G. D. Gu, G. Ghiringhelli, L. Braicovich, and M. P. M. Dean,
PNAS 114 (47) 12430-12435 (2017)

Truspace: The truncated conformal spectrum approach for perturbations of the conformal minimal models.
Giuseppe Brandino and Robert Konik, (2017)

ChainAMPS: MPS algorithms for systems of coupled chains.
Andrew James and Robert Konik, (2016)

Separation of Time Scales in a Quantum Newton’s Cradle.
R. van den Berg, B. Wouters, S. Eliëns, J. De Nardis, R. M. Konik, and J.-S. Caux,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 225302 (2016)