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The workshop seeks to continue the development of fixed-field accelerators following research in Japan, North America and the UK and to extend the potential range of applications of FFA accelerators. The format will be invited and contributed talks interspersed with periods of focused discussion. The workshop will be preceded by a two-day training school held at JLAB as well, aimed at introducing students (and others) to basic FFA ideas and provide background knowledge leading into the workshop proper.

Local Organizing Committee

  • IOC co-Chair, Local Chair: Alex Bogacz (JLAB)
  • IOC co-Chair: Dejan Trbojevic (BNL)
  • FFA School: Stephen Brooks (BNL)
  • CEBAF Tour: Mike Robbins (JLAB)
  • Conference Manager: Anita Seay (JLAB)
  • Administrative Coordinator: Tristan Jones (JLAB)
  • Workshop Website: Annabelle Petway (BNL)


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