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Celebrating 25 years of the Laser Electron Accelerator Facility (LEAF) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, this workshop is being held to educate and grow a new and diverse community of scientists to make use of the unique and valuable techniques of pulse radiolysis.

Pulse radiolysis uses high-energy electron pulses to rapidly produce reactive species such as excess electrons and holes, excited states, and radicals, to enable fundamental mechanistic studies of chemical reactivity in many forms. It provides pathways to study reactive intermediates that are not accessible via other methods (e.g., flash photolysis, electrochemistry, stopped-flow).

Applications include charge, proton and energy transfer, photochemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry, nuclear energy, batteries, polymer synthesis and modification, lithography, radiotherapy, and wastewater treatment.

This 2.5-day workshop (October 21–23, 2024) will:

  • Cover the basics of pulse radiolysis (day 1)
  • Discuss current and emerging applications of the technique (day 1)
  • Explore cutting-edge science topics where pulse radiolysis may play a future role (days 2 and 3)
  • Include a tour of the LEAF facility (day 2)
  • Highlight funding pathways and collaborative research opportunities at LEAF (day 3, morning only)

Only in-person participants will have the opportunity to discuss project and collaboration ideas with BNL scientists.

Remote-only registration is available.

This LEAF 25 Workshop is not open to the public. To be eligible to attend, all participants must register online by October 13, 2024. For questions or assistance with registering, please contact the workshop coordinator.

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Limited financial assistance may be available. To request further information, please contact David Grills (


Participants should make their own hotel reservation. A block of rooms at the Home2 Suites has been reserved and shuttle service to the workshop will be provided. When booking your reservation, you may need to guarantee your room with a credit card. Remember to ask about their cancellation policy. Participants staying at other hotels will need to arrange their own transportation to the workshop. Details

Welcome Reception

A hosted welcome reception will be held for in-person participants on Sunday October 20 (details will be sent to registered in-person attendees).

Important Dates

May 31, 2024 General registration opens
October 13, 2024 In-person registration closes
September 6, 2024 Additional non-U.S. citizens in-person registration deadline for all participants who do not have an active appointment with Brookhaven Lab. You will be directed to the appropriate form once you have completed the event registration.
October 23, 2024 Remote registration closes

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