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This workshop provides an opportunity for Brookhaven Lab's Nuclear and Particle Physics Directorate to share the on-going research programs and projects in nuclear and particle physics, isotope research and production program, and various programs at the operating facilities with faculty and students from Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) for exploration of future research collaborations.

We will also share our experience with the current student programs for STEM workforce development. MSI faculty can present their research interest and plans for strengthening STEM workforce development with Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Session Information

Tuesday, July 18

Morning Program: Introduction of NPP facilities and programs

  • High Energy Physics Program
  • Nuclear Physics Program
  • Accelerator Program, including space radiation.
  • Isotope Program

Afternoon Program: Tour of Facilities and laboratories

  • C-AD accelerator complex and experimental facilities
  • Facilities and laboratory of Isotope program
  • Laboratories in Physics Department (B510)

Wednesday, July 19

Morning Program: Presentation by MSIs

  • Research interest in nuclear and particle physics
  • Collaboration on STEM workforce development

Afternoon Program: Student programs at BNL

  • BNL Office of Education Program
  • Student traineeship programs

Next Steps:

  • Summary of opportunities for joint research activities.

Organizing Committee

  • Noel Blackburn (BNL)
  • Cliff Brutus (BNL)
  • Mateus Carneiro (BNL)
  • Maria Chamizo Llatas (BNL)
  • David Chan (BNL)
  • Mickey Chiu (BNL)
  • Cathy Cutler (BNL)
  • Wolfram Fischer (BNL)
  • Ray Fliller (BNL)
  • Kayla Hernandez (BNL)
  • Hong Ma (BNL/Chair)
  • Stacyann Nelson (Howard U.)

Administrative Support

  • Leesa Allen (BNL)
  • Erica Lamar (BNL)
  • Jackie Rivera (BNL)
  • Menzel Smith-Jones (BNL)

Welcome Reception

Registered participants are invited to attend the welcome reception which will be held in the Physics Department (Bldg. 510), Seminar Lounge on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 5:30 p.m. at no cost. Directions

BNL Facility Tours

There will be tours of facilities and laboratories in C-AD, Physics Department and other organizations in the afternoon on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.


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Important Dates

May 19, 2023 General registration opens
June 18, 2023 Additional non-U.S. citizens registration deadline for all participants who do not have an active appointment with Brookhaven Lab
July 1, 2023 General registration closes

Workshop Information