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CHE-361: Lecture Course Description and Policies

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The lecture course introduces students to properties of radioactive substances, nuclear stability and structure, radioactive decay, interactions of radiation with matter, nuclear reactions, nuclear energy, and applications of radiochemistry in medicine, industry and the environment.

The principal lecturers are to be announced.

Additional guest speakers will include faculty and staff from from Stony Brook University and BNL and invited speakers from industry, government, and academics across the nation You can find a schedule of guest lectures on the CHE-361 syllabus.

Honor code, attendance policies, etc. are discussed in the Summer School Policies.

Term Paper

Students will investigate additional topics, not included in the regular lectures or in the assigned readings, and present their research with a 1500 word term paper and a 15-minute power point presentation.


Read the assigned pages prior to each lecture and then study them more thoroughly afterward when you are working on the homework problems. Homework will not be graded, but will be reviewed the next morning involving student participation at the blackboard. This will count toward your classroom participation grade -- it is in your best interest to attempt all homework assignments!


The final grades for the lecture course will be determined as follows:

~ 10% for classroom participation (including homework review)
~ 60% for lecture examinations
~ 30% for the term paper and oral presentation

Course Locations

Lectures are typically given in Room 2-31 in Bldg. 801 (8:30-12:00). Guest Lectures are given in Room 2-31 in Bldg. 801 at times indicated in the Special Topics schedule. The all-day symposia are given in the Large Conference Room in Bldg. 490 or Berkner conference room. If needed, alternative locations as needed will be in Bldg. 490, Small Conference Room.

Student desks and computers are available in Room 2-31 and the Counting Laboratory, both rooms in Bldg. 801. The Site Director has an office in Bldg. 490, Room 9-301.


Provided by the NCSS.

  • Modern Nuclear Chemistry, W. Loveland, D. Morrissey, G. Seaborg, (Wiley, 2006)
  • Nuclides & Isotopes, 17th ed. (Betchtel, 2010)

In addition, the instructors will hand out material from other sources

Lecture Homepage