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Exploration of the lepton sector of the Standard Model - and the investigation of several tantalizing experimental anomalies - is the focus of several large and ambitious experiments planned for the upcoming decades. The tau neutrino is the least studied particle of the lepton sector and the Standard Model. In the next generation of planned and proposed experiments and observatories there will be unique opportunities to extend our knowledge of the tau neutrino and its interactions from GeV to EeV scales. This workshop will examine the theory opportunities provided by studies of tau neutrinos, the capabilities of future experiments and the complementarity between them. The connections of tau neutrinos to astrophysics and cosmology and the impact of advancements in the understanding of the tau neutrino on its use as a cosmological probe will also be examined. The goal of the NuTau 2021 workshop is to launch the effort to prepare a comprehensive Snowmass Whitepaper on tau neutrinos.

Topics to be covered at this workshop include:

  • Theoretical survey of the physics of tau neutrinos
  • Opportunities for studies of tau neutrino oscillations and interactions at accelerator based experiments in the GeV to TeVscale such as DUNE, T2HK, FASERnu, SHiP
  • Future studies of natural tau neutrinos from astrophysical sources at existing and planned neutrino observatories such as DUNE, HyperKamiokande, IceCube
  • Survey of opportunities for ultra-high energy (UHE) tau neutrino studies at proposed future observatories
  • Examinations of the role tau neutrinos play in cosmology and astrophysics and the impact of improved understanding of tau neutrinos on their role as probes of astrophysical sources
  • Tau neutrinos as probes of new physics

Talks will be arranged in plenary sessions on virtual platforms. A hybrid format is under consideration should a venue become available for a small in-person meeting. There will be invited plenary talks and a limited number of short contributed talks. If you would like to present a contributed talk, you'll have a chance to provide a title and abstract in the registration form.

This workshop and whitepaper overlap with these Snowmass topical groups: NF01, NF03, NF04, NF06, NF08/TF11, NF09, NF10, EF03, EF09, CF07, UF01, and IF.

Organizing Committee

  • Adam Aurisano (U. Cinncinati)
  • Mary Bishai (BNL, Chair)
  • Andre De Gouvea (Northwestern)
  • Peter Denton (BNL)
  • Julia Gehrlein (BNL, Co-chair)
  • Irina Mocioiu (Penn State)
  • Stephanie Wissel (Penn State)

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