General Lab Information

The Asian Pacific American Association (APAA) builds bridges of communication among Brookhavn Lab Asian Pacific American personnel through cultural programs, food festivals, picnics, cultural education, concerts, and other similar cultural/social activities. We work to create community among Lab and other similar organizations through scholarships, fund-raising, colloquia and conferences aimed at educating Lab staff and the community about issues of concern to Asian Pacific Americans, and to support Brookhaven Lab in shaping, improving, and achieving diversity goals and objectives.

Our Goals

  • To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month (a DOE-sponsored event) every year.
  • To organize regular concerts, cultural celebrations, picnics, and educational activities each year.
  • To regularly invite accomplished guest speakers to address issues of interest to Asian Pacific American community.
  • To collaborate with other similar organizations in organizing events of interest to Asian Pacific American Community on Long Island.

Upcoming Events

There are no events scheduled at this time.


APAA Executive Board

Coordinators: Marie Van Buren, Joanne Beebe-Wang

Treasurer: Grace Webster

Secretary: Susan Eng Wong

Board Members: Joanne Beebe-Wang, Margie Goodsell, Balwan Hooda, Eliot Jung, Hue-Anh Pham, Bu Ramanand, Marie Van Buren, Grace Webster, Susan Eng Wong

Executive Trustees: Beth Y. Lin

Trustees: Rudy Alforque, Vatsal Bhatt, Ila Campbell, Balwan Hooda, Hai-Dee Lee, Nand Narain, Susan Eng Wong

Scholarship Committee: Joanne Beebe-Wang, Thomas Butcher, Beth Y. Lin, Samantha Lin, Robert McGraw, Hue-Anh Pham, Marie Van Buren, Grace Webster, James Wegrzyn, Susan Eng Wong (chair)

Postmaster: Susan Eng Wong

Webmaster: Marie Van Buren

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