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  1. AUG



    NSLS-II Colloquium Series

    "Mulling over Nanoemulsions: Interfacial Molecular Structure, Stabilization and Assembly"

    Presented by Prof. Geraldine (Geri) Richmond, University of Oregon

    4 pm, Large Seminar Room, Bldg. 510

    Thursday, August 9, 2018, 4:00 pm

    Hosted by: John Hill

    Nanoemlusions are finding numerous applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food production, materials synthesis and cosmetics. With the search for broader and improved usage of these unique droplets comes the need to better understand the molecular interactions at the surface that lead to their stabilization. This presentation will focus on our most recent efforts in measuring the molecular structure of the oil-water interface and the unique environment it provides for adsorption of molecules, surfactants and macromolecules at both planar and nanoemulsion oil/water interfaces. The studies are a combination of spectroscopic and thermodynamic measurements coupled with theoretical simulations.

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