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  1. Particle Physics Seminar

    "A Bayesian Analysis of T2K's Data for the Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters"

    Presented by Kevin Wood, Stony Brook University

    Thursday, July 9, 2020, 3 pm

    Hosted by: Hanyu Wei

    T2K has been accumulating data corresponding to 3.6 × 10e21 POT over the past 10 years. It has been studying neutrino oscillations by observing a disappearance of muon flavored (anti)neutrinos and the appearance of electron flavored (anti)neutrinos. In particular, the collaboration has recently published the first substantial 3-sigma constraints on the CP-violating phase, δCP, in a Nature article. The results from this analysis have since been updated to include 33% more neutrino mode data and significant improvements to the neutrino interaction and flux models. This talk will present these new results and discuss some details of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Bayesian analysis employed in order to extract measurements of the neutrino oscillation parameters from T2K's data.

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