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In this school, the researchers affiliated with Comscope, a BNL-based, DOE-BES funded, Computational Materials Science Center, will provide an overview of its software toolkit that enables the computation of the electronic structure of real materials. An overview and hands-on training of three software modules will be provided: i) FlapwMBPT, an all electron first principles code that comes enabled with imaginary time GW and the ability to compute vertex corrections; ii) two dynamical mean field theory (DMFT)-based electronic structure codes employing either LDA or linearized self-consistent quasi-particle GW (LQSGW); iii) a code based on combining the rotationally invariant slave both method (RISB) and LDA that is considerable less expensive to run than LDA+DMFT or LQSGW+DMFT.

Session information

  • Introduction to Dynamical Mean Field Theory and the Electronic Structure of Real Materials
  • Introduction and Hands-on Training to FlapwMBPT
  • Introduction and Hands-on Training to LDA+, LQSGW+DMFT
  • Introduction and Hands-on Training to RISB+LDA


  • Sangkook Choi (BNL)
  • Gabi Kotliar (Rutgers)
  • Andrey Kutepov (BNL)
  • Nicola Lanata (Aarhus)
  • Corey Melnick (BNL)
  • Vincent Sacksteder (Rutgers)
  • Yongxin Yao (AMES)

Summer School Co-sponsors

Local Organizers

  • Robert Konik (BNL)
  • Gabriel Kotliar (BNL/Rutgers U.)

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May 5, 2021 Registration opens
June 24, 2021 Registration closes

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Note: This event falls under Exemption D (Formal classroom training held at Federal facilities, which does not exhibit indicia of a formal conference as outlined in the Conference/Event Exemption Request Form.) Participation is contingent on application acceptance.