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Computational Science Laboratory

Within the Computational Science Laboratory, experts in high-performance computing, applied mathematics, and domain sciences work together to develop, adapt, and optimize advanced scalable algorithms to solve problems in computational physics, biology, chemistry, materials science, and energy and environmental sciences with increasingly faster supercomputers. Primarily, researchers collaborate in areas impacting data-intensive applications, performance-specific workflows, and novel computing architectures. .

Quantum Computing Group

CSI’s Quantum Computing Group (QCG) is part of Brookhaven Lab’s wider quantum initiative that addresses Quantum Information Science research challenges, ranging from novel algorithms and materials for the next generation of quantum computers to new quantum devices and sensors. QCG conducts leading-edge research into quantum algorithms, programming models, and optimization schemes, as well as optimized design of advanced quantum systems, networks and the quantum Internet. QCG also is a leading partner in a New York quantum networking testbed. QCG is a member of the Northeast Quantum Systems Center (NEQsys), a collaboration led by Brookhaven Lab that includes northeastern-based universities and industrial partners. Quantum Computing Group website

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