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ATF Training

A valid BNL guest number is needed for training. Return users may check their training status to see which courses need to completed again. Additional training may be required based on the type of work you will be conducting. This will be determined by BNL Safety Staff.

Cyber Security

If you are operating a Class 3b or 4 laser additional training is required:

Medical examinations are required and provided for laser users working with or in an area of Class 3b or 4 lasers. When an examination is required, a user must receive the examination before participating in laser work. Pertinent examinations are repeated following any suspected laser injury and upon exit from the laser medical registry.

Both basic and job-specific laser safety training are required and provided for laser users and temporary visitors, or guest laser users working in a Class 3b and Class 4 laser controlled area. Basic laser safety training must be retaken every 2 years.