General Lab Information

Analyze Samples

Deadline to submit a request for sample analysis: November 18, 2020

Would you like to analyze your sample(s) as part of the workshop? Please complete the questionnaire and one of our scientists will get back to you right away to discuss further details. In order to make the day as productive and efficient as possible, we may need to run a feasibility test on some samples prior to the workshop.

Note: Because of high demand, analysis of some samples may not be possible. Requests will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. The sample analysis sessions will be open to all workshop participants. Hence, samples must be non-proprietary in nature and the company name and sample type (e.g. battery, polymer film, soil) will be disclosed to all participants. If you are interested in attending the workshop and would like to analyze a sample, please complete the Sample Analysis Questionnaire by clicking the button below.

Sample Analysis Questionnaire