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We are pleased to announce the 3rd ICFA Beam Dynamics Mini-Workshop on Machine Learning Applications for Particle Accelerators will be held in Chicago, Il, USA. This will be the third workshop in a series that began in 2018 at SLAC, CA, USA followed by a second workshop held at Villigen PSI, Switzerland in 2019. A third workshop had been planned to be held in Seoul, Korea in 2020, but unfortunately had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal of this third workshop is to continue to work on building a world-wide community of researchers and engineers interested in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to particle accelerators.

The workshop will consist of four topics:

  1. Tuning/optimization/control
  2. Prognostics/alarm handling/anomaly-breakout detection
  3. Data analysis
  4. Simulations/modeling

Talks will be given by practitioners from various accelerator facilities around the world. The workshop aims to:

  • Collect and unify the community’s understanding of the relevant state-of-the-art ML techniques.
  • Provide a tutorials of machine learning for accelerator physicists and engineers.
  • Seed collaborations between laboratories, academia, and industry.

Please contact the organizers if you are interested in attending.

Special Event

Registered participants are invited to attend the Meet & Greet which will be held in the Palmer House a Hilton Hotel Honore Ballroom on November 1st from 6-8 p.m.

Fermilab Tour

Fermilab has organized an optional tour that will offer participates the opportunity to see a portion of the accelerator complex which will showcase robotics and AIML initiatives at Fermilab to a relevant audience of specialists in beam dynamics.

The tour will take place on Friday, November 4, 2022, leaving the Palmer House around noon. The tour is all afternoon, ending at 5 p.m. Please note, the deadline to sign up for the tour is October 31, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

Sign-up Now! The tour is closed.

Note: The tour fee is $75 US pp and includes a working lunch, and the bus ride to and from the site. Use this form to select your working lunch.

Workshop Sponsors


RadiaSoft is an industry leader in high-level research & design and scientific consulting for beamline physics and machine learning. RadiaSoft will be sponsoring the a coffee break during the poster session.

Workshop Organizers

  • Kevin Brown (BNL)
  • Sandra Biedron (CBB and EA)
  • Anna Petway (BNL)
  • Christina Blas (BNL)
  • Bryan Callaghan (BNL)
  • Linh Nguyen (BNL)

Student Scholarships

We're sorry, all students have been selected for the five scholarships.

The Center for Bright Beams with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) is sponsoring eight scholarships for graduate students to cover registration fees. Graduate students who are interested should email their request to Anna Petway at


When booking your reservation, you may need to guarantee your room with a credit card. Check with your hotel about their cancellation policy and if they offer shuttle service. Details...

Important Dates

August 26, 2022 Registration opens
November 4, 2022 General registration closes

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