Statement on Re-Compete of Brookhaven Lab Management Contract

The following statement was issued today by Brookhaven Science Associates, the company that manages and operates Brookhaven Lab for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.

Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) — a company established as a partnership between Battelle Memorial Institute and the Research Foundation for the State University of New York on behalf of Stony Brook University — affirmed its intention to re-compete for the contract to manage and operate Brookhaven National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science. BSA has held the contract since 1998.

"Brookhaven Science Associates will enthusiastically and aggressively compete for the Brookhaven Lab contract," said Ronald D. Townsend, Chair of the BSA Board. "We see a terrific future for Brookhaven National Laboratory and believe that a team comprised of Battelle, Stony Brook University, and our university partners is exceptionally well positioned to address the challenges ahead and deliver outstanding scientific outcomes for the Department of Energy."

"Both Stony Brook University (SBU) and Battelle remain strongly motivated to ensure Brookhaven's success," said BSA Co-Chair and Stony Brook University President, Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D. "Being located less than twenty miles from the only national laboratory in the northeast, SBU provides a better return on investment for the Office of Science as we have the capability of being face-to-face with Lab management and researchers on a moment's notice.  In addition, more than 600 SBU personnel working at BNL have enabled scientific success, problem solving, and the creation of proposals designed to pinpoint energy issues in Long Island and around the globe."

The statement comes as the Department of Energy has announced its intention to open up bidding for the $600 million management and operations contract.

Stony Brook University is the single largest user of Brookhaven Lab's world-leading research facilities. Those facilities and the Laboratory's scientific staff are essential to the vitality of the university's intellectual life and to the impact of many of its research programs, which are strengthened by a series of joint appointmentsjoint initiatives, and SBU-BNL research endeavors.

A presence at Brookhaven enables Battelle to continue to advance its founding purpose: "science in service to humanity;" and to enhance the research partnership between Battelle and Brookhaven in major programs ranging from global climate research to nanoscience.

"We see this as an opportunity to showcase the accomplishments our partnership has produced so far, and demonstrate the plans we have for an even brighter future in the service of science and society," Townsend and Stanley said.

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