Winning Projects at Brookhaven Lab's 2013 Elementary School Science Fair — From 'What Kind of Foods Do Ants Like Best?' to 'No Task Left Behind'

UPTON, NY — More than 500 science projects from 114 Suffolk County schools were entered into the 2013 Elementary School Science Fair. The Fair, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory and coordinated by the Lab's Office of Educational Programs, was held at the Laboratory on May 4. Brookhaven scientists as well as volunteers from the Long Island Matrix of Science and Technology and local elementary school teachers judged the projects, which focused on topics ranging from the kind of food ants like best to how switching tasks while solving math problems may cause students to lose concentration.

In addition to the first-place winners, selected students received honorable mention for projects that ranged from how greasy potato chips can be to the effects of pollution on plant growth. A list of students receiving honorable mention (pdf) can be found on the Lab's Office of Educational Programs website.

The first-place winners are:


Jenna Romito, kindergarten, Forest Brook Elementary School, Hauppauge School District, "I Need a Band-Aid for my Boo Boo"


Luke Katona, first grade, West Middle Island Elementary School, Longwood School District, "What Kind of Food Do Ants Like Best?"



Kevin Koch, second grade, South Street School, Eastport/South Manor School District, "Wonder Snails"



Antonia Pavek, third grade, Tecumseh Elementary School, Sachem School District, "Fast or Slow? A Boat Hull Experiment"



Brendan Eising, fourth grade, JFK School, Deer Park School District, "Shake it Up"



Arianna Rodichok, fifth grade, St. James Elementary School, Smithtown School District, "Hydrophonics"



Emily Phua, sixth grade, James Wilson Young Middle School, Bayport-Bluepoint School District, "No Task Left Behind"



For more information on Brookhaven Lab's educational programs:

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