Brookhaven Lab Named a Top Employer by STEM Workforce Diversity

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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory was named among the top 20 government employers by STEM Workforce Diversity.

Brookhaven Lab was identified by readers, who were randomly selected to complete an annual survey. They were asked which companies and government employers they would prefer to work for or believed would provide a positive working environment for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals who are members of minority groups.

Brookhaven was named 12th in the category for government employers, which published in the summer 2022 edition of the magazine. DOE's Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, and Sandia national laboratories are also among the government employers readers identified.

"Those that appear on the yearly lists, as named by readers, clearly understand that hiring a diversified STEM workforce strengthens their business," wrote Barbara Capella Loehr, editor of the publication. "They, along with many other employers across industries and in government, further understand creating an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging is fundamental to attracting and retaining top talent, especially in the STEM fields."

"The challenges we face as a nation are urgent, complex, and technical. We need diverse viewpoints to overcome them," said Brookhaven Lab Director Doon Gibbs. "We are honored by recognition and by being in the company of fellow national labs. And we know there's still important work to do.”

With more than 2,600 staff—850 jobs filled since October 2020—Brookhaven Lab is a major employer on Long Island for scientists, engineers, technicians, and many other professionals. Some of the challenges they are helping address are in the fields of nuclear and high energy physics, clean energy and climate science, quantum computing and artificial intelligence, isotope production, accelerator science and technology, and national security.

Bringing and welcoming unique contributions

Photo of Joy Haskins

Joy Haskins of Brookhaven Lab was featured in a STEM Workforce Diversity article about environmental and chemical engineers who are focused on innovation and environmental sustainability.

"Many people, councils, and groups at Brookhaven Lab are helping make sure we are positioned to achieve our full potential—as individuals and together as a national lab," said the Lab's Chief Diversity Officer Noel Blackburn. "I thank everyone who brings unique contributions and welcomes them to enable discovery science and innovation."

Joy Haskins is an environmental safety and health engineer at Brookhaven Lab. She was featured in the winter 2021-2022 edition of STEM Workforce Diversity in an article about environmental and chemical engineers who are focused on innovation and environmental sustainability. Haskins is also a member of the African American Advancement Group, one of seven employee resource groups that support an inclusive work environment and diverse workforce at Brookhaven Lab.

About STEM Workforce Diversity

STEM Workforce Diversity is a career magazine for professionals in the STEM fields who are women, members of minority groups, people with disabilities, and veterans. It is published by Equal Opportunity Publications, which distributes it among professionals in relevant fields, engineering schools that offer advanced degrees, and professional associations and societies. The publisher notes that STEM Workforce Diversity has a national readership of over 175,000 and the digital edition reaches 92,000 online viewers.

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