46 BNLers Recognized for Perfect Attendance in 2010

Laboratory Director Sam Aronson, with Robert Kelly of the Human Resources and Occupational Medicine Division, congratulated 46 BNL employees on their excellent records of “Perfect Attendance” during 2010 at a ceremony held in Berkner Hall on April 25.

employees who achieved perfect attendance during 2010

Photographed with Laboratory Director Sam Aronson (front left) during the 2010 Perfect Attendance celebration on April 25 at Berkner Hall are many of the 46 Perfect Attendance Award winners of 2010. The winners are listed below alphabetically in their departments/divisions with the number of years they have won this perfect attendance prize after their name. Biology Department: Phyllis Tinsley-Smith, 19; Collider Accelerator Department: John Pomaro, 1; Joel Vasquez, 1; Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs: Cornelius Jackson, 16; Terry Jones, 3; Alex Reben, 16; and Joseph Rubino, 5; Energy & Utilities Division: Richard Lutz, 16; Laboratory Protection Division: John Davies, 1; George Bostick, 3; Richard Miraglia, 6; and Richard Sanniola, 1; Physics Department: Kevin Casella, 3; Procurement & Property Management Division: Wayne Cummings, 3; Dhruba Ghimiray, 14; Michael Pedersen, 3; and Shelby Williams, 16; Site Resources Division: Michael Bagley 1; Eugene Barrow, 6; Howard Bell, Jr., 5; Wayne Boyd, 4; Eric Bullock, 2; Nicholas Capazzola, 1; Daniel Cardona, Jr., 1; Thomas Crews, 13; Michael Daddi, 1; Robert Danowski, 2; Daniel Feeley, 1; Ralph Giordano, Jr., 9; Darren Harris, 9; Ruth Harris, 8; Keith Jackson, 3; Charles Langhorne, 1; Carol Mason, 4; Lisa Metz, 11; Carol Robinson, 3; Randolph Seibel, 14; Robert Skeeter, 1; John Sullivan, 1; Johnnie Turner, Jr., 7; and Jeannette Vera, 4; Staff Services Division: Shirley Ayers, 4; Ralph Garappolo, 1; Bryan Hanlon, 11; Frances Smith, 3; and Brenda Turner, 4.

Each winner received a check for $200 minus tax, a certificate, and a T-shirt with the number of years of perfect attendance the winner achieved. The annual event is held by BNL in recognition of the commitment and service provided by full-time employees on the technical and clerical schedules who used no sick leave during the previous calendar year.

The Perfect Attendance award was first given in 1992, when full-time employees on the technical and clerical schedules were recognized for having used no sick leave during 1991. In 1995, these employees and those from the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical & Energy Workers International were joined in eligibility for the award by BNL employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. In 1998, members of the Suffolk County Security Police Association in the Safeguards & Security Division also became eligible for the prize.

This year, as previously, many awardees had achieved multiple years of perfect attendance: 13 won for the first time, two for the second time, eight for the third, five for the fourth, two for the fifth time, two for the sixth time, one for the seventh time, one for the eighth time, and two for the ninth time. Lisa Metz and Brian Hanlon won for the eleventh time; Thomas Crews won for the thirteenth time; Dhruba Ghimiray and Randolph Seibel won for the fourteenth time; Cornelius Jackson, Richard Lutz, Alex Reben, and Shelby Williams for the sixteenth time — and Phyllis Tinsley-Smith, BNL’s A-One top-of-the-bill All-Star, won for the nineteenth time. Employees who have won the prize since its inception often achieved additional years of perfect attendance that are on record elsewhere.

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