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As we go through our daily routines we typically don’t stop to think about the importance of being a blood donor. But emergency responders know firsthand how blood donors save lives.

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Some of the employees from the Laboratory’s Protection Division, many of whom volunteer as emergency responders in their local communities and truly recognize the importance of being a blood donor.

“We work hard every day to protect employees, visitors, and the Lab site, but for many BNLers, being an emergency responder doesn’t stop when their shift ends. They head home to volunteer in fire departments and ambulance companies in their home communities,” said BNL Fire Chief Charles LaSalla. “In many instances, upon arrival at a vehicle accident or other trauma situation, they quickly realize that a blood transfusion may save a life.”

“It’s a pretty simple equation,” added Security Police Officer John “Cuz” Pagano. “Give a pint, you may save a life.”

In 2009, Pagano’s wife underwent a double lung transplant, requiring her to receive blood, so they are both grateful for blood donors. As a small token of his appreciation and an extra incentive for BNLers to become donors, Pagano, a big fan of the New York Jets football team, is offering two tickets to a Jets game as a prize in a drawing which will include the names of all BNLers who donate (or attempt to donate) at this upcoming on site blood drive. The game, scheduled for the evening of August 18, puts two New York football teams head-to-head ― New York Jets versus New York Giants. “This prize is just a small incentive,” said Pagano. “But please come donate. It truly makes a difference.”

Consider rolling up your sleeve for the next BNL blood drive on June 19 and 20, 2012.

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