2007 BNL Employee Awards

At the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony held on February 7 in Berkner Hall, 15 BNLers were honored with the Lab's highest awards: five received the Brookhaven Award, six, the Engineering & Computing Award, and four, the Science & Technology Award. Candidates are selected for the exceptional nature and difficulty level of their contributions as well as the benefit of the contributions to the Laboratory.

Brookhaven Award Recipients

Sam Aronson, Lab Director, presented the Brookhaven Award to: (from left) James Desmond, Life Sciences Directorate; Christine Brakel, Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Office; Terrence Buck, Human Resources & Occupational Medicine Division; Robert Selvey, Safety & Health Services Division; and Susan Pepper, Nonproliferation & National Security Department.

Engineering and Computing Award Recipients

Lanny Bates, Assistant Laboratory Director for Facilities &Operations, presented the Engineering & Computing Award to: (from left) James Wright, Plant Engineering Division (PE); Peter Boyle, PE; Stephen Plate, Superconducting Magnet Division (SMD); Paul Kovach, SMD; Sorin Viorel Badea, Collider-Accelerator Department; and William Leonhardt, Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department.

Science and Technology Award Recipients

Doon Gibbs, Deputy Lab Director for Science & Technology presented the Science & Technology Award to: (from left) Ivan Bozovic, Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science; Gianluigi DeGeronimo, Instrumentation Division; and Etsuko Fujita, Chemistry Department. The fourth winner, Anat Biegon of the Medical Department was not present.

Spotlight Award Recipients

Also congratulated were 197 BNL Spotlight Award winners, cited For extending extraordinary efforts in response to the needs of their departments or divisions.

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