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The Quantum Information Science Career Fair, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science's National Quantum Information Science (QIS) Research Centers, aims to bring awareness to two- and four-year college and graduate students and post-doc to the wide range of QIS careers they can pursue—from technical and scientific roles to non-STEM roles that facilitate research and bring awareness to the field, like marketing and human resources.

Participants will hear from experts in their field, get their questions answered, build their professional networks, and meet one-on-one with potential employers. The event will showcase opportunities available within the Centers, national laboratories, academic institutions, and industry.

National Quantum Information Research Centers

National Quantum Information Science Research Centers (NQISRCs) funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science are accelerating transformational advances in basic science and quantum-based technologies needed to assure continued U.S. leadership in quantum information science. The NQISRCs are driving the growth of the nation’s quantum workforce.

Through workshops, internships, apprenticeships, fellowships, and postdoctoral and visiting-faculty appointments, the centers recruit and train tomorrow’s quantum scientists, engineers, and technicians. By actively engaging students and young researchers in world-leading R&D, the centers are helping ensure a vibrant quantum community in the U.S. for decades to come.

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Registered participants will be able to access and view the event information hosted on the vFairs platform on September 13, 2022, 12:00 pm EDT (US and Canada).

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The Quantum Information Science Career Fair is being organized by the C2QA Co-Design Center for Quantum Advantage.

Sponsors Department of Energy C2QA Co-Design Center for Quantum Advantage Q-NEXT Quantum Systems Accelerator Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center Quantum Science Center

Important Dates

June 15, 2022 Registration opens
September 14, 2022 Registration closes

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Note: This event falls under Exemption D (Formal classroom training held at Federal facilities, which does not exhibit indicia of a formal conference as outlined in the Conference/Event Exemption Request Form.) Participation is contingent on application acceptance.