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NSRL Data Library for Run 15C

The following data files were recorded for a beam fragmentation measurement.

We used an Iron beam (Fe-56) at 1000 MeV/nucleon incident on a polyethylene target of thickness from 0 to 40 cm, in 10 cm steps. We measured the beam with a thin trigger counter (3 x 3 x 0.2 cm^3) called the START counter, upstream of the targets.

Downstream of the targets we placed two plastic scintillator dE/dx counters, DE1 and DE2. Each dE/dx counter is 5" x 5" x 0.25". The dE/dx counters are followed by a large plastic scintillator block CAL, 6" x 4" x 8.25" in size. The trigger for the event is provided by the START counter. The event is recorded by a charge-sensitive ADC for each detector, QDC1-4, and TDC1-4. In addition there is a 1 kHz clock pulse that records the time within the 4-second spill that the event came, CLOCK. We also record the spill number of each event, SPILL, and the TDC value for the trigger pulse. The last two words in each event are the time of the event in seconds (since January 1 1900) and nanoseconds.

The data files are in ASCII format. They begin with a header giving the date and time recording started, and a comment. This is followed by one line for each VME module used in the data collection, such as SCALER SCA (reset at the beginning of each spill) and SCB (never reset), QDC, or TDC, and one line for each channel in each module. After the header, there is one line per event.

The event record is arranged as follows:

Iron Ion Tracks - 1000 MeV/n

Run Number Target (cm) TXT File
4 0 fe_1000_19_11_2015_004.txt
5 10 fe_1000_19_11_2015_005.txt
6 20 fe_1000_19_11_2015_006.txt
7 30 fe_1000_19_11_2015_007.txt
8 40 fe_1000_19_11_2015_008.txt