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Biomedical Digital Twins, an innovative fusion of medical science and information technologies, are about to transform medicine and improve patient care. These new approaches to medicine are beginning to impact the fundamental understanding of biology, influence technologies available for preventing, detecting, diagnosing and treating disease, and open ways to explore exciting new avenues to bring an ever more personalized attention to the health, wellness and well-being of each individual patient.

The Virtual Human Global Summit brings together thought leaders from across the globe, to join together and share early experiences, innovative ideas, proven approaches and future opportunities to collaboratively advance the frontier for translating biomedical digital twin research to sustainable use in healthcare systems worldwide.

Over the course of two days this fall in New York City, summit attendees will explore cutting-edge areas in the research, translation and utilization of biomedical digital twins to bring a new level of care to each and every patient. While addressing such important topics as enabling technologies, developing data streams and workflows, and successful deployment and operation, summit attendees will be shaping the future for the biomedical digital twin experience that will soon touch the lives of us all.

Shaping the Future for Medical Digital Twins

The first Virtual Human Global Summit (VHGS) has served to catalyze the community in the further development of virtual human models and medical digital twins. Several follow-on efforts have resulted, including:

  • Summit discussions and insights are being consolidated into a report to benefit all communities represented.
  • Organizational efforts are underway, including the formation of a Virtual Human Global Alliance to bring together the communities and stakeholders for advancing medical digital twins.
  • New research infrastructure is being explored and pursued to support the further development and translation of medical digital twin approaches.
  • Planning is underway for future meetings, globally, and for the next Virtual Human Global Summit.

Additional developments will be shared publicly through this site including opportunities for joining with this growing community.

Organizing Committee

  • Lynn Borkon (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  • Peter Coveney (University College London)
  • Morgan Granetz (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  • Kerstin Kleese van Dam (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • Meifeng Lin (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • Nicole Medaglia (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • James Quinn (JLL)
  • Eric Stahlberg (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  • John Stubbs (Eviden)

Summit Partners

Sponsors Brookhaven National Laboratory Eviden University College London The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research JLL

Important Dates

August 23, 2023 Registration opens
October 1, 2023 Registration closes

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