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Integrated Digital Conference (Indico) Tool

indico The Integrated Digital Conference (Indico) tool allows you to schedule and organize events, from simple lectures to complex meetings, workshops and conferences with sessions and contributions. You can manage time-tables of meetings, attach multimedia files to each event item and store the resulting agendas in a multi-level hierarchical tree.

This tool also includes an advanced user delegation mechanism, allow paper reviewing, archival of conference information and electronic proceedings. BNL's instance is installed under GNU General Public License (see CERN's project web site for details).


  • Easy to use
  • Centrally supported by ITD Unix Services
  • Widely used by many labs and institutions world wide
  • Badge printing
  • Compile and download event file packages (.zip format)
  • Create an offline website for your event
  • Free to use!

Indico User Guide

Demo Sites

Indico Support

Please contact Web Services for all requests, comments and problems with Indico, such as:

  • Need a category created for an upcoming event
  • Login issues
  • User account creation or other issues
  • Experiencing general problems with Indico.
  • Online Help

Note: Web Services will only create a "simple" starter page for a conference or workshop, we do not maintain it. We also do not support registration, invitation or abstract submission applications using Indico. We only support the agenda or timetable application.