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Indico Material Protection

By default all talks should be set as "open to the public" unless the protection setting for the added material is changed by the presenter or someone else with an Indico role that can manage talk material.

How to change the protection setting for material.

  1. Click on the [edit] icon on the Material Section (Slides) to update all material or the edit icon on each individual material.

  2. Click the [Protection] tab.
  3. The Public (from parent) option from the [Status] drop-down should be selected by default.

    This selection allows everyone to view all uploaded material. You should not touch the [Protection] tab unless you want to prevent public users from viewing material without a special [Access Key].

    Please note, people with the ability to manage their own material or someone else with an Indico role that can manage all talk material in their event do not need to use a special Access Key, they just need to log into Indico using their Indico account.
  4. Press the [Save] button when finished.

You will see a small RED key next to the Material Section (Slides) if protection is enabled – blank if disabled.

See the online help section for more information.