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Conference, Meeting, Lecture Managers

Top-level Administrators

Only managers listed in the top-level modification control, the creator of the event, and any Indico administrators can access the Top-level Management Area of the event. These users will have full control of the entire event.

However, you can add a Modification Key which means anyone with this key will have full control of the entire event without needing an Indico account.

After logging in, click the [Protection] link in the left navbar to access this top-level modification control.

Top-level Site Access Controls

Indico has a two common top-level access key methods:

  • Modification Key - This allows all users to make edit to the entire event with a common access key. Anyone with this key can modify the event without having an Indico account.
  • Access Control Key - This allows all users to view the event with a common access key. When the event is status is set to public, anyone can view the event including the details, timetable, material, etc. When the event status is set private, only those in the access list (Access Control Field), managers, and administrators can view the event.

Note: Each access control can be set by using individual Indico user accounts, a modification or access key or use can use both. However, it is more secure to use individual Indico user accounts even though it may be easier to use a single access key.

Session Managers

The Session Manager has full control of a single session. However, your Top-level Administrators may request you not to edit some parts of the session. You are given the Session Manager rights by your Top-level Administrators.

After logging in and assuming you have access, click the edit icon to access the management console. Now click the [Timetable] link in the left navbar to display the timetable, click a session, select [Edit], then select [Session properties]. Now select the [Protection] tab to view the following Session Access Controls: Modification Control and Coordination Control.

Modification Control

This control allows all authorized users the ability to manager an entire session and all its contributions.

Coordination Control

This control has limited access and only allows an authorized user the ability to manager the following session items: creating new contributions, adding material, adjust times, edit minutes and moving contributions. However, these users cannot edit existing contributions or its material since they are not the original owner.

Contribution or Material Managers

The Contribution Manager is responsible for managing the information in a contribution. Your are given contribution management access by either the Conference or Event Manager, Session Manager, the existing Contribution Manager and possibly the Session Coordinator. You can access your contribution by selecting Timetable from the menu in the event home page and finding your contribution. If you are the manager of that contribution you will see a pencil button. This will take you to your contribution management area.

See the online help section for more information.