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Publications 2014

Y. Fang, V. E. Yakimenko, M. Babzien, M. Fedurin, K. P. Kusche, R. Malone, J. Vieira, W. B. Mori, and P. Muggli, Seeding of Self-Modulation Instability of a Long Electron Bunch in a Plasma, PhysRevLett.112.045001

S. Antipov, S. Baturin, C. Jing, M. Fedurin, A. Kanareykin, C. Swinson, P. Schoessow, W. Gai, and A. Zholents, Experimental Demonstration of Energy-Chirp Compensation by a Tunable Dielectric-Based Structure
PhysRevLett. 112.114801