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Spherically Imploding Plasma Liners as a Standoff Magneto-Inertial-Fusion Driver (PLX-Alpha Collaboration)

In the Plasma-Jet driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF) concept, a plasma liner, formed by the merger of a large number of radial, highly supersonic plasma jets, implodes on a magnetized plasma target and compresses it to conditions of the fusion ignition. By avoiding major difficulties associated with both the traditional laser driven inertial confinement fusion and solid liner driven MTF, the plasma-liner driven magneto-inertial fusion potentially provides a low-cost and fast R&D path towards the demonstration of practical fusion energy.

Isosurfaces of pressure

Isosurfaces of pressure (left) and ionization level (center), and distribution of pressure in a 10 cm radius spherical slice in imploding liner formed by the merger of 30 argon plasma jets at PLX conditions. Plots illustrate oblique shock waves and nonuniformity of the liner during the implosion.

target interface

Target interface with pressure data (bar) during compression by plasma liner formed by the the merger of 60 PLX argon plasma jets. Simulations was performed with FronTier using interface tracking. MHD forces in the target were ignored thus results overestimate target instabilities. MHD forces will be approximately resolved in future work.

The BNL / SBU team works on modeling and simulation of the propagation and merger of plasma jets, formation and implosion of liners, and compression of plasma targets using two main computational tools: the front tracking hydro / MHD code FronTier and the Lagrangian particle hydrocode are used for computational studies of plasma jets, liners, and targets. Our simulations quantified the influence of oblique shock waves on the liner formation and the role of atomic processes in improving the liner quality and target compression rates. They have also investigated processes leading to target instabilities, deconfinement time, and verified theoretical scaling laws.

Recent publications

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