General Lab Information

We invite all Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) employees, guests, users, and visitors—and their children—to share inspiring images that capture the spirit of Earth Day. This year we are conducting four exciting contests! The winners will be selected by a Lab-wide online vote. The top three vote-getters win prizes! Participants may submit one photo each for the general contest and for the "Bugs Perspective." However, only one prize per participant will be awarded. If a participant wins in both categories, we will contact the participant to see which they prefer.

Congratulations to the winners of the Brookhaven Lab 2022 Photo Contest

View this year's winners!
People's choice photo

BSA People's Choice

For employees, guests, users, and visitors. Submit your best photos.

Youth photographer

BSA People's Choice "From a Bug's Perspective"

Get creative and submit your photo from a bug's perspective!

Youth photographer

BSA Youth (18 and Under)

Children and grandchildren of Lab staff take beautiful photos, too! Submit your child or grandchild's photo that best captures the spirit of Earth Day.

People's choice photo

BSA Youth "From a Bug's Perspective"

Let your child or grandchild's imagination run wild and see what a bug sees and then capture that image for submission into the photo contest!

Prizes for the BSA peoples's Choice category

first place medal photo of composter


second place medal photo of bird feeder

Bird feeder

third place medal photo of wooden untensils in canvas bag lableded 'package free'

Zero waste lunch kit

Prizes for the BSA People's Choice “From a Bug's Perspective”

first place medal photo of red backpack with solar panel

Hiking backpack with solar panel

second place medal photo of yellow back with solar panel and protective phone case

Waterproof backpack with solar powered Bluetooth

third place medal photo of black binoculars


Prizes for the BSA Youth category

first place medal photo of red triangular airplaine

Smartphone-controlled paper airplane

second place medal photo of dark gray solar backpack

Solar backpack

third place medal photo of wall collage kit

Make-your-own wall colloage and LED light

Prizes for the Youth "From a Bug's Perspective" category

first place medal photo of red triangular airplaine

Smartphone-controlled paper airplane

second place medal photo of yellow bee figures

3D pollinator puzzle & learning kit

third place medal photo black and chrome microscrope with inset imagges of a bee on a computer desktop and smartphone

Smartphone microscope

How to Submit Your Photo

Submit photographs by (or on behalf of) each photographer via email to Kasey Corona by 4 p.m., Thursday, April 7.

Submission Requirements

  • Image file must be either .jpg or .tiff
  • File must not exceed 15MB
  • The image file must be the photographer's name in all lowercase (Example: john-doe.jpg)
  • Number additional photo submissions in the image file name (Example: john-doe2.jpg)
  • Include a short photo title
  • Indicate if the photograph is being submitted on behalf of a child or grandchild for the Youth category.
  • Indicate if the photograph should be included in the “From a Bug's Perspective” category.
  • Include your contact information in the email, and the name of the child or grandchild if submitting to the Youth category.
  • Previous contest-winning photos may not be submitted again.

Note: All images must be taken off-site to adhere to the Lab's guidelines on work-related photography. Please be safe when taking your photos. Direct questions to Melanie Theisen.

Each submission must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other rights of any person or entity. By submitting an entry for this contest, you grant Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) the right to publish your photo and any other information provided worldwide in all print and electronic media (now or hereafter existing) without time limitation, and the right to include your name in connection therewith. BSA reserves the right to crop, edit, modify, translate, reproduce and distribute the submitted material in any medium and in any manner as it deems appropriate.

Categories and Voting

Each of the four categories will each have its own voting page. The top three photos in each category will be recognized as the first, second, and third-place winners in order.

All staff can vote online during the voting period April 14-20. The voting pages will be accessible on the Lab's intranet. Staff may cast a vote for one photo on each of the category pages. Look for announcements about when, how, and where to vote on the internal home page and in other notices.

Announcement of Winners

The winning photographs will be announced Thursday, April 21. Photographs will be featured on the internal home page and the Earth Day website.