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Items to Bring With You

Proper Identification

Guests and visitors working at Brookhaven need to have proper identification documentation with them when they arrive at BNL to be granted site access and to be allowed to work. Please make sure that you bring the appropriate documents with you to avoid any delays during check-in. See current identification requirements. A Brookhaven photo ID card cannot be issued without the appropriate identification. If you have any questions, please contact the Guest, User, Visitor Center at 631-344-3333 or .

Medical Insurance

US citizens coming to Brookhaven must have valid medical insurance. BNL cannot provide medical coverage to individuals sponsored by US institutions, but can provide medical insurance to US citizens who are foreign affiliated.

Foreign nationals must have medical insurance that is valid while in the US. Travelers insurance is not valid. The Laboratory will make medical coverage available to foreign visitors (with appointments of 30 days or more) and their eligible family members who otherwise do not have coverage. The department sponsoring the visitor will be billed for the premium costs. Medical insurance is also available to guests whose visits are 30 days or less with special approval from the host department.

Bring your insurance and prescription cards with you in case you need them.

Visit Documentation

In certain instances, you will be asked to verify authorization to be on-site when entering BNL. All first-time visitors should bring a copy of any documentation received from BNL such as an invitation letter or a housing agreement form.

Prohibited Items

You may not bring radioactive materials to Brookhaven without making the proper arrangements. Contact BNL’s Isotopes and Special Material Group (ISM) at 631-344-4051.

The following articles are prohibited from the site, unless specifically approved by the Laboratory Protection Division (LP): any dangerous weapon, explosive, or other dangerous instrument or material likely to produce substantial injury or damage to persons or property.

Except for authorized members of law enforcement agencies, no person may bring or carry firearms on site without specific prior authorization from Laboratory Protection. On-site residents and employees may store firearms with the Police during their stay at BNL. No firearm of any type may be fired on the Laboratory site without authority granted by the Laboratory Police. For information contact the Laboratory Protection Division point-of-contact at 631-344-4691.

Biohazards, carcinogens, radioactive materials, explosives, laboratory animals, toxic materials including wastes, or laboratory equipment that is not commercially available requires review and approval by the receiving facility or Department prior to being shipped to BNL. These items must be shipped to the laboratory via carriers that comply with all requirements set by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. DO NOT bring these items onto the Laboratory site in your personal vehicle or in your luggage.

The following privately-owned articles are not permitted in areas posted limited, exclusion, protected, or material access without prior authorization: recording equipment, electronic equipment with a data exchange port, cellular telephones, radio frequency transmitting equipment, computers with associated media, and controlled substances.