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Training Requirements

Brookhaven National Laboratory is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, guests, users, and contractors who perform work. Everyone is required to complete training commensurate with the work that is to be performed, potential hazards that may be encountered, and the locations to be accessed. Minimum training requirements have been identified for work assignments, and completion of these requirements is monitored. In addition to training, work planning and safety reviews are conducted by site experts in support of Brookhaven Lab’s goal of keeping staff safe and protecting the environment.

Short-term Guests

Guests on-site for one to two days have no training requirements unless their time on-site involves accessing computers and/or conducting hands-on work. Minimum training requirements for guests on-site more than three days include the following.

Guest Site Orientation  |  Cyber Security

Long-term Guests

For all others, Brookhaven’s training website, available to anyone with a valid Guest Number, will show you which required training courses have been assigned to you and your completion status. Returning guests may check their training status online to see which courses, if any, they need to complete again.

Facility-specific Training

If you will be working at a user facility, you are required to complete facility-specific training in addition to general Brookhaven Lab access training. If you possess a valid Guest Number, most training can be completed online prior to your arrival. However, some first-time training requires that you attend classroom training upon arrival. Most courses require successful completion of a graded exam. Questions about training courses or requirements should be directed to



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Daya Bay (Chemistry)


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