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Advanced Grid Modeling

Grid of the Near Future: Development of a New Framework for Modeling, Stability Analysis, and Control


This project will investigate and understand some of the fundamental issues the transitioning bulk power grid of the near future is facing and develop a new framework for modeling, stability analysis, and control to address these issues. The grid of the future is expected to be dominated by converter interfaced generation (CIGs) with some of the grid connected synchronous generators (SGs). Therefore, the “near future” grid of interest will be the one with comparable generation capacity of SGs, grid-following CIGs, and a small fraction of grid-forming CIGs. New issues are expected during this long transition and must be dealt with properly.


The project will be carried out by developing (1) a modeling framework to account for dynamics of different time scales for SG and converter models to include SG stator transients, transmission line dynamics, and averaged model of the converters with inner and outer control loops, phase lock loops (PLLs), and DC-side dynamics with all limiting functions; (2) advanced control solutions for converters and two specific grid-forming technologies, i.e., droop control and matching control and for supporting the weak grid using the retired generators as synchronous condensers.


Conference Papers

  • L. Karunaratne, A. Yogarathnam, N. R. Chaudhuri, and M. Yue, “Grid of Near Future: Impact on (N-1) Contingency Analysis in Presence of Droop-Controlled Grid-Forming Converter-Interfaced Generations,” IEEE PES GM 2022 (Selected among Best Conference papers).
  • A. Yogarathnam, L. Karunaratne, N. R. Chaudhuri, and M. Yue, “Modeling Adequacy of Droop-Controlled Grid-Forming Converters for Transient Studies: Singular Perturbation Analysis,” Submitted to 2023 North American Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference.

Journal Papers

  • L. Karunaratne, N. R. Chaudhuri, A. Yogarathnam, and M. Yue, “Nonlinear Backstepping Control of Grid-Forming Converters in Presence of Grid-Following Converters and Synchronous Generators,” Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, under review.