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Energy Systems Division

Energy Conversion Research

The Energy Conversion Group explores advanced technical solutions for improving energy efficiency and reducing fossil fuel use in residential and commercial buildings. Their work is focused on advanced materials, hydrogen production, storage and end-use, biofuel end-use, combustion efficiency, and emissions, and new system concepts. They also continuously seek to improve the capabilities of research tools used in collaborative initiatives to achieve these goals.


  • Advanced technical solutions in building energy applications, reduced fossil fuel dependence, and methods to mitigate combustion-related emissions
  • Missions aligned with New York State targets for electrification and reducing greenhouse gases (the electrification goal cannot be achieved without dramatic increases in building energy efficiency)
  • Extensive expertise in detailed evaluation of emissions (gaseous and aerosol) and the impact of control strategies, load profiles, fuel sources (solid biomass, biofuels or renewable fuels, fuel blends [CH4 + H2 or biodiesel + No. 2), and catalysts or other post processes for emission mitigation
  • Strong connection with manufacturers to develop burners for “new” fuels
  • Ability to accurately analyze the performance of current and emerging heating and power-producing equipment with current fossil fuels and hydrogen blend for building energy applications
  • Modeling of energy systems

Research Areas