General Lab Information

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Energy Storage Division

Leading-edge research into the most promising energy storage technologies for applications ranging from consumer electronics to vehicle technologies and grid-level energy storage


  • In situ and operando characterization of electrochemical energy storage processes from the material level to the systems level
  • Design of electrochemical energy storage systems based on sustainable materials for safe, long life batteries
  • Preparation and characterization of novel materials and electrodes for high power batteries capable of fast charge
  • Humidity-controlled dryroom facility for fabrication, testing, and analysis of prototype batteries. The facility includes a state-of-the-art pouch cell fabrication line for generation of high quality, high precision and high capacity batteries in a commercially relevant form factor.
  • Understanding transport properties in complex battery systems from the molecular to the mesoscale – Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties

Research Areas of Interest

  • Designing functional electrolytes to enable high energy density and long life batteries
  • Designing electrolytes to enable battery function in extreme environments
  • Electrode design to enable batteries with fast charge capabilities
  • Synthesis and characterization of sustainable battery materials with high capacity and stability for both aqueous and non-aqueous batteries
  • Advanced in-situ and operando characterizations of battery materials and systems

Research Efforts

  • Synthesis and characterization of battery materials that enable sustainable, long cycle life electrochemical energy storage
  • Harnessing the tools of Brookhaven National Lab to develop material characterization approaches relevant to the future development of green battery systems
  • Investigating 2D redox active materials for vehicle technology applications to achieve both high capacity and high capacity retention
  • Harnessing the catalytic promise of 2D chalcogenide materials to enable scalable low cost aqueous batteries via an integrated experimental/theoretical effort
  • Investigation of the relationship of diagnostic techniques with battery electrochemical behavior
  • Investigating alternative electrolytes for next generation Lithium-ion batteries

The Energy Storage Division plays a central role in the Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties, an Energy Frontier Research Center working to understand and provide control of transport properties in complex battery systems with respect to multiple length scales, from the molecular to the mesoscale.