VIP BNLers of 2011

On January 25, Lab Director Sam Aronson welcomed the BNL VIPs who have provided long-term service to the Lab to the annual Service Anniversary Celebration held in Berkner Hall lobby. The 248 VIPs who had been invited — including employees who were celebrating the 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, or greater anniversaries of service — were not all able to attend, but a goodly number enjoyed meeting and chatting with old friends and acquaintances over a hot buffet and refreshments. Aronson warmly expressed his appreciation for the tremendous loyalty and varied expertise that these durable members of the Lab workforce had committed to Brookhaven, and read out the names of the Superstars who had reached 45 or more years of service in 2011. These “VIPs Extraordinary” were:

Nicolas Samios, Director’s Office, who had reached his 52nd anniversary

Arnold Aronson, Nuclear Science & Technology Department (NST); Joseph (Woody) Glenn III, Collider-Accelerator Department (C-AD); Harald Hahn, C-AD; and Robert Palmer, Physics Department, who all celebrated 51 years at the Lab

Katherine Conkling, Radiological Control Division; and John Dabrowski, Photon Sciences Directorate, who had a half-century to look back on

Russell Dietz, Environmental Sciences Department (ESD); Richard Hogue of Physics, and Bill Sampson of the Superconducting Magnet Division, who were all 49ers

Keith Jones of ESD and Robert Scheetz of Physics, who celebrated 48 years

Robert Lockey, C-AD; Veljko Radeka, Instrumentation Division; Mark Sakitt, Facilities & Operations Directorate; F. William Studier, Biology Department; and Peter Thieberger, C-AD, who celebrated 47 years

Kenneth Asselta, Physics; Charles Carlson, C-AD; Ruth Merker, Information Technology Division (ITD); Wayne Rasmussen, Photon Sciences; and Raymond Zaharatos, C-AD, who celebrated 46 years

The 45th-year anniversary VIPs were Robert Barone, Business Operations Division; Richard Horowitz, ITD; Lillian Kouchinsky, Director’s Office; and Hans Ludewig, NST.

In addition, six VIP BNLers had celebrated 40 years of service, 44 more had 35 years to remember, another 35 had been at the Lab for 30 years, and 45 comparative newcomers could look back on their first 25 years at BNL.

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