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Operational Support & Planning Division

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The Operational Support & Planning Division provides the technical and professional support to the people and programs that create:

  • a working environment that is free from recognized hazards and minimizes the frequency and severity of occupational injuries and illnesses;
  • a safety culture where each employee demonstrates an awareness and concern for his or her personal safety, the well being of others, and the protection of the environment;
  • opportunities for employees who are empowered with knowledge, skills, and a clear understanding of technical, ES&H, and mission-related information;
  • a continuously improving organizational culture that is clearly focused on and committed to satisfying the needs, and exceeding the expectations, of our Laboratory customers.

This mission is fulfilled by developing, maintaining, providing and implementing: ES&H policies, procedures, and programs; personal, professional and technical training, certification, and awareness programs; and a Total Quality Management System. All of these efforts are accomplished by competent professionals who are committed to provide services that are sensitive to workload needs and aligned with Division functional objectives.