General Lab Information

RideShare Opportunities for BNLers

Why share a ride to and from the Lab each day?

  • Gain money in your wallet since you'll spend less on fuel
  • Gain time to relax since you won't be behind the wheel in rush-hour traffic
  • Increase the lifespan for your car since you'll be putting on fewer miles
  • Reduce your contribution to fossil fuel pollution
  • And there's even more...

As a long term member of the 511NYRideshare Program BNL employees can use the program's rideshare matching service to find a BNL rideshare partner. To use the ridematch service, you must first register and create a ridematch profile that includes your name, home & work address, contact information, your current travel commuter mode, your travel/work schedule, and ridematch preferences. Once you register to use the service, you have three options to seek potential rideshare partners.

  • Radius-Based Matching - To find potential carpool/vanpool matches who live near you.
  • Route-Based Matching - To find potential carpool/vanpool matches who live near your normal route to work.
  • Route-Customizing - To find potential carpool/vanpool matches along a different route to work.

After finding potential rideshare matches, you should contact the individuals identified to discuss possible rideshare arrangements using the carpool tips as guidelines.

BNL employees who rideshare can use the 511NYRideshare Guaranteed Ride Program, which will provide a ride home in the event that you must work late or miss your ride for any other reason. Click on Guaranteed Ride Program for more information on the eligibility requirements and rules.

If you have questions about ridesharing, please contact Jeff Williams, BNL's Employee Transportation Coordinator, at Ext. 5587 or