RideShare Opportunities for BNLers

Jeff Williams explains the benefits of carpooling in this short video. (RealPlayer required. Click here if you do not have the player.)

What do you gain by sharing a ride to and from your job at BNL each day?

  • You gain more money in your wallet since you won’t be spending it on fuel so often.
  • You gain more time to relax since you won’t be behind the wheel in rush-hour traffic on so many days.
  • You gain a longer lifespan for your car, since you’ll be putting fewer miles on the odometer and reducing general wear and tear.
  • You gain the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve contributed just a little bit less to the pollution problem caused by burning all that fossil fuel.

And you even gain reward points through a program called NuRide, which matches commuters from all over Long Island with each other so they can join together for their trip to work. Round trips earn reward points, which then may be spent on goods and services from participating vendors that are part of the NuRide Network.  As a long term member of the Commuter Choice Program administered by MetroPool, an organization under contract with the NYSDOT, BNL employees can also use their Guaranteed Ride Service, which will provide a taxi ride home in the event that you must work late or miss your ride for any other reason. Click on Guaranteed Ride Service for information on the eligibility requirements and rules.

Regardless of how you currently commute, you may join NuRide for free. There is no on-going commitment and you earn rewards for every trip you take, whether you use the service one day a month or five days a week. After you log in to the NuRide website, you pick a day on your NuRide trip calendar and select "Plan a trip." Then you specify where you want to go, how flexible you are, and even personalize your travel criteria. Once your trip is planned, you match your trip and find other people going your way. You may also learn about other NuRiders by clicking on their names to see where they work, their travel information, and how other NuRiders have rated them!   After you confirm your completed trip, you will earn NuRide Miles that are redeemable for gift cards, gift certificates, and other rewards.   If you have questions about this program, please contact Jeff Williams, BNL Employee Transportation Coordinator, at Ext. 5587 or jwilliams@bnl.gov.  

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Last Modified: May 3, 2012