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RBRC Research Groups

Dmitri Kharzeev

Group Leader: Dmitri Kharzeev

Theory Group

RBRC theorists interact closely with members of the BNL Nuclear Theory, High Energy Theory, and Lattice Gauge Theory Groups as well as with visiting senior theorists from universities such as Columbia and Stony Brook.

The broad range of QCD related research conducted by the Theory Group includes RHIC heavy ion physics, the quark gluon plasma, the color glass condensate, and hard QCD/spin physics.


Group Leader: Taku Izubuchi

Computing Group

The RBRC Computing Group has close interactions with BNL High Energy Theory Groups, Nuclear Theory, and Lattice Gauge Theory Groups. They collaborate closely with Japanese, U.S., U.K. universities, and laboratories with visiting scientists from universities such as Columbia, Connecticut, and Nagoya University.

The main mission of the group is to solve the dynamics of QCD from first principle lattice simulations and provide important numerical information indispensible in interpreting experimental theories of particle and nuclear physics.


Group Leader: Yasuyuki Akiba

Experimental Group

The Experimental Group studies the spin structure of the proton via polarized p+p collisions at RHIC and the properties of quark gluon plasma produced in heavy ion collisions at RHIC. The Group also develops various detectors for PHENIX experiment as well as polarimeters for RHIC.

Theory Group Members

D. Kharzeev, Group Leader
R. Pisarski, Deputy Group Leader

Ho-Ung Yee

Computing Group Members

T. Izubuchi, Group Leader

Research Associates
Enrico Rinaldi