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We follow NYS driving laws

Where the Rules Come From

The Lab uses the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws as guidance to develop our rules. Drivers on the BNL campus are obliged to obey posted speed limit signs, yield pedestrian right-of-way, use seatbelts for all occupants, use hands-free devices, come to a full stop at stop signs, and possess a valid driver’s license and car insurance.


Report Concerns

Do you have a concern about driving, roads, or vehicle safety at the Lab? Contact the Traffic Safety Committee.

Distracted Driving

It only takes a split second of inattention to create life-changing consequences

Talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving violates New York State law and it must stop. When faced with an overload of stimuli like talking and driving at the same time, the brain filters out critical information, causing drivers to look at but not “see” objects. This “inattention blindness” causes distracted drivers to miss up to 50 percent of what’s around them.

Based on an original article by Associate Lab Director for Environment, Safety & Health Gail Mattson.


Number of people killed in the U.S. in 2012 as a result of distracted driving.


How much visual input a driver doesn't see while distracted.


Distance your car travels at 55 mph during a 4.6 second glance away from the road.

What to do in the event of a traffic accident

  • Do not leave the scene.
  • If it's safe to do so and the vehicle isn't creating a dangerous condition, leave the vehicle where it is.
  • Make sure your car is in 'park', turn off engine and turn on the hazard lights.
  • If you're not injured, safely exit your vehicle and move to a safe location
  • Check on all involved parties to make sure no one is hurt.
  • Call Police/Fire at 631-344-2222
  • Advise Police/Fire operator of the location of the accident, if there are any injuries or hazardous conditions.

BNLers Working to Improve Traffic Safety

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Five Ways to Stay Safe on Lab Roads

We all need to observe some basic safety precautions as pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers


Pedestrians and Joggers

  1. Wear reflective clothing or outerwear, such as a reflective vest. Safety vests are available as stock Lab items, #K61245. They're available for quick order and delivery.
  2. Run/walk on the left side of the road, against the flow of automobile traffic, if there is no sidewalk.
  3. Keep an eye on the ground surface for trip hazards.
  4. Don't wear headphones or earphones
  5. Cross the street at marked crosswalks


  1. Ride on the right side of the road, with the flow of traffic.
  2. Don’t ride on sidewalks.
  3. Wear a helmet (it's required). You can order a helmet as a Lab stock item, #K70310.
  4. Don't wear headphones or earphones.
  5. Be predictable. Use hand signals, obey traffic signs and lights, ride about four feet away from parked cars, avoiding the “door zone,” and give right-of-way to pedestrians.