RHIC Physics
RHIC is the first machine in the world capable of colliding ions as heavy as gold. 

The Spin Puzzle
RHIC is the world's only machine capable of colliding beams of polarized protons to investigate the 'missing' spin of the proton.

Electron-Ion Collider
A breakthrough accelerator could collide electrons with heavy ions or protons at nearly the speed of light to create “snapshots” of the force binding all visible matter.

Accelerator Science
Before high-speed packets of heavy ions can be brought into collisions with one another, they first travel through a chain of smaller particle accelerators.

An Educational Pipeline
Large-scale physics facilities like RHIC play a significant role in training the next generation of physicists.

Matter at the Dawn of Time

Brookhaven physicist Paul Sorensen describes discoveries made at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider where conditions similar to what the universe may have looked like in the first microseconds after its birth are created.
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A Compelling Future for RHIC

RHIC is in its prime, poised to address a host of compelling science questions that remain or have been raised by the important discoveries to date, the facility performance continues to improve dramatically and the user base remains energized. Read more...

  • PHENIX Detector

  • STAR Detector

  • PHOBOS Detector

  • BRAHMS Detector


RHIC Science

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