General Lab Information

Section C.1 - Introduction

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Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL or the Laboratory) is one of DOE's Office of Science (SC) multi-program national laboratories. The Laboratory is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) established in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 35 and operated under this management and operating (M&O) contract, as defined in FAR 17.6 and DOE Acquisition Regulation (DEAR) 917.6.

The Laboratory supports DOE's strategic themes in energy security, nuclear security, scientific discovery and innovation, environmental responsibility, and management excellence, in accomplishing the Department's mission. The Laboratory mission is to conduct basic and applied research and development (R&D) to advance scientific knowledge, the nation's energy resources, national security, environmental quality, and to strengthen educational foundations and national economic competitiveness. DOE programs are carried out in partnership with academia, the private sector, other DOE national laboratories, the international scientific community, and other government agencies. The Laboratory also performs work consistent with the DOE mission for entities other than DOE. The Contractor will advance the frontiers of science and technology through broad interdisciplinary R&D programs that answer fundamental questions, solve technical problems (locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally), and develop and apply technologies to address societal needs.

DOE employs a Performance Based Management Contract (PBMC) to enable the Contractor to achieve highly effective and efficient management of the Laboratory resulting in a safe and secure environment, outstanding science and technology results, more cost-effective operations, and enhanced Contractor accountability.

The Contractor has the responsibility for total performance under the contract, including determining the specific methods for accomplishing the work effort, performing quality control, and assuming accountability for accomplishing the work under the contract. Accordingly, this PBMC provides flexibility, within the terms and conditions of the contract, to the Contractor in managing and operating the Laboratory.

Desired results of this contract include improved Contractor operational efficiencies, allocations of Contractor oversight resources to direct mission work, and streamlined and more effective line management focused on a systems-based approach with increased reliance on the results obtained from certified, nationally recognized experts and other independent reviewers.

Under this PBMC, it is the Contractor's responsibility to develop and implement innovative approaches and adopt practices that foster continuous improvement in accomplishing the mission of the Laboratory. DOE expects the Contractor to employ effective and efficient management structures, systems, and operations that maintain high levels of quality, safety and security in accomplishing the work required under this contract, and that, to the extent practicable and appropriate, rely on national, commercial, and industrial standards that can be verified and certified by independent, nationally recognized experts and other independent reviewers.