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Section C.5 - Plans and Reports

Last Revised: 0/0/0000  |  Per Mod #000

The Contractor shall submit periodic plans and reports, in such form and substance as required by the Contracting Officer. These periodic plans and reports shall be submitted at the interval, to the addresses, and in the quantities as specified by the Contracting Officer. Where specific forms are required for individual plans and reports, the Contracting Officer shall provide such forms to the Contractor. The Contractor shall require subcontractors to provide reports that correspond to data requirements the Contractor shall be responsible for submitting to DOE. Plans and reports which may be submitted in compliance with this provision are in addition to any other reporting requirements found elsewhere in other clauses of this contract. DOE intends to consult with the Contractor to determine the necessity, form, and frequency of any reports required to be submitted by the Contractor to DOE under this contract.