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BNL Prime Contract No. DE-SC0012704

Part II, Section I. Contract Clauses

Clause I.117 – DEAR 952.251-70 – Contractor Employee Travel Discounts (Aug 2009)

Last Revised: 10/27/2017  |  Per Mod #0094

(a) The Contractor shall take advantage of travel discounts offered to Federal Contractor employee travelers by AMTRAK, hotels, motels, or car rental companies, when use of such discounts would result in lower overall trip costs and the discounted services are reasonably available. Vendors providing these services may require the Contractor employee to furnish them a letter of identification signed by the authorized Contracting Officer.

(b) Contracted airlines. Contractors are not eligible for GSA contract city pair fares.

(c) Discount rail service. AMTRAK voluntarily offers discounts to Federal travelers on official business and sometimes extends those discounts to Federal contractor employees.

(d) Hotels/motels. Many lodging providers extend their discount rates for Federal employees to Federal contractor employees.

(e) Car rentals. The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) of the Department of Defense negotiates rate agreements with car rental companies that are available to Federal travelers on official business. Some car rental companies extend those discounts to Federal contractor employees.

(f) Obtaining travel discounts.

(1) To determine which vendors offer discounts to Government contractors, the Contractor may review commercial publications such as the Official Airline guides Official Traveler, Innovata, or National Telecommunications. The Contractor may also obtain this information from GSA contract Travel Management Centers or the Department of Defense's Commercial Travel Offices.

(2) The vendor providing the service may require the Government contractor to furnish a letter signed by the Contracting Officer. The following illustrates a standard letter of identification.


TO: Participating Vendor


(FULL NAME OF TRAVELER), the bearer of this letter is an employee of Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC which has a contract with this agency under Government contract DE-SC0012704. During the period of the contract 01/05/2015 to 01/04/2020, AND WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE CONTRACT VENDOR, the employee is eligible and authorized to use available travel discount rates in accordance with Government contracts and/or agreements. Government Contract City Pair fares are not available to Contractors.

SIGNATURE, Title and telephone number of Contracting Officer