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Part II, Section I. Contract Clauses

Clause I.54 — FAR 52.223-9 — Estimate Of Percentage Of Recovered Material Content For Epa Designated Items (May 2008)

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(a) Definitions. As used in this clause–

"Postconsumer material" means a material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been discarded for disposal or recovery, having completed its life as a consumer item. Postconsumer material is a part of the broader category of "recovered material."

"Recovered material" means waste materials and by-products recovered or diverted from solid waste, but the term does not include those materials and by-products generated from, and commonly reused within, an original manufacturing process.

(b) The Contractor, on completion of this contract, shall–

(1) Estimate the percentage of the total recovered material content for EPA-designated item(s) delivered and/or used in contract performance, including, if applicable, the percentage of postconsumer material content; and

(2) Submit this estimate to the Contracting Officer.