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BNL Prime Contract No. DE-SC0012704

Part II, Section I. Contract Clauses

Clause I.85 — FAR 52.242-1 — Notice Of Intent To Disallow Costs (Apr 1984)

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(a) Notwithstanding any other clause of this contract --

(1) The Contracting Officer may, at any time, issue to the Contractor a written notice of intent to disallow specified costs incurred or planned for incurrence under this contract that have been determined not to be allowable under the contract terms; and

(2) The Contractor may, after receiving a notice under subparagraph (1) above, submit a written response to the Contracting Officer, with justification for allowance of the costs. If the Contractor does respond within sixty (60) days, the Contracting Officer shall, within sixty (60) days of receiving the response, either make a written withdrawal of the notice or issue a written decision.

(b) Failure to issue a notice under this Notice of Intent to Disallow Costs clause shall not affect the Government's rights to take exception to incurred costs.