General Lab Information

Section J - List of Attachments

Section Title Effective
Appendix A Advance Understanding on Human Resources 08/19/2022
Appendix B Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan FY 2024 05/14/2024
Appendix C Special Financial Institution Account Agreement 12/13/2019
Appendix D Contractor's Commitments 03/30/2021
Appendix E Key Personnel 05/14/2024
Appendix F RESERVED Award
Appendix G Purchasing System Requirements 03/30/2021
Appendix H Small Business Subcontracting Plan FY 2024 12/11/2023
Appendix I DOE Directives/List B 05/14/2024
Appendix J Treaties and International Agreements/Waived Inventions Award
Appendix K RESERVED Award
Appendix L Performance Guarantee Award
Appendix M RESERVED 03/21/2017