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19th ATF Program Advisory Committee (APAC)

and ATF Users' Meeting

FY17 User Proposals - User proposals for ATF beam time are now being accepted for US Fiscal Year 2017. The proposal portal will remain open through October 10, 2016. Please note that proposals are being accepted for use of the Ultrafast Electron Diffraction (UED) Facility in BNL Building 912 for the first time.

Detailed information about the proposal submission and beam time request process are available at: ATF User Access Page


The Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) is a proposal-driven, DOE Office of Science User Facility that operates under the Accelerator Stewardship Program. The facility is dedicated to long-term R&D into the Physics of Beams and the development of new accelerator technologies. Core capabilities of the ATF include a high-brightness photoinjector electron gun, a 70 MeV linac, high power lasers synchronized to the electron beam at the picosecond level, two general purpose beam lines with energy spectrometers, and a sophisticated accelerator control system.

ATF users' from universities, national labs and industry carry out Advanced Accelerator R&D and are studying the interactions of high power electromagnetic radiation and high brightness electron beams, including laser acceleration of electrons and Free-Electron Lasers. Other topics include the development of electron beams with extremely high brightness, photoinjectors, electron beam and radiation diagnostics and computer controls. A new capability, the Ultrafast Electron Diffraction (UED) Facility, will also be available for proposed experiments this year.

During this 2-day meeting, the ATF Program Advisory Committee (APAC) will review the progress of the ongoing user experimental program and approve proposals for new experiments that are consistent with the ATF's mission within the Accelerator Stewardship Program. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for users to report their work to APAC and the research community, to pursue collaboration, and to obtain an overview of the ATF's current performance, achievements and future plans.

  • For questions about the Call for Proposals or Preliminary Agenda, contact Mark Palmer
  • For questions about the logistics or an invitation letter, contact Alyssa Pilkington
  • For technical questions about Proposal Submission System, contact Kelly Guiffreda

Meeting Events

Registered participants are invited to attend the no-host dinner and the BNL tour.

Wednesday Night Dinner
Trumpets on the Bay
58 S Bay Ave, Eastport, NY 11941
(631) 325-2900
October 26, 2016, time to be determined.
Cost: $55 US per person

There will be transportation from the Meeting at Bldg. 510 to the restaurant. Directions

BNL Tour
Participants will tour the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) on Thursday, October 27, 2016. More...


Please note, it's your responsibility to reserve your own accommodations. There is no public transportation to BNL. Attendees are strongly advised to make car rental arrangements prior to arrival.

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